July 20, 2021

Bluehost : Features | Plans | Pricing | Pros & Cons

Bluehost Hosting

Today we are going to show you everything that you need to know about Bluehost hosting.

Before deciding if it is the right hosting provider for you. We are going to provide you with an honest and most comprehensive review where we will break down the pricing structure and will guide you through the entire sign up process, and judge how easy their platform is to use.

Then we will grade their performance based on page load, speed and uptime.

There are four shared hosting plans with the basic tier you are limited to one website and 50 gigabytes of storage, and automatic backups is not included.

The next plan is the Plus plan which comes with the added benefit of having unlimited sites and storage.

The last two plans which are the Choice Plus and Pro plan comes with the handy automatic backup.

So we really see no value in choosing their more expensive plans here as you really only get the advantage of the site backup which can be done with free plugins anyway.

That being said in terms of pricing we would only buy the basic plan if you only need one website, but if you require multiple websites then the Plus Plan is enough for you.

Don’t waste money on their more expensive plans. So now we will choose their Basic plan for this tutorial to test them out.

We really don’t suggest you buy your domain name from any hosting provider as they usually charge you much higher than a dedicated domain name provider.

Right now for Bluehost, even though the domain name and domain privacy is free for the first year.

Privacy renewal is going to be 32.87 every single year and i think that’s ridiculous.

Bluehost is not the only one guilty of this all web hosting providers do this to you.

So what we recommend you do instead is to buy all your domain names from namecheap.com and you can get your domain name for under 8.88 with domain privacy included for free, and it will only cost you 12.98

To renew each year which is almost three times cheaper than Bluehost.

You should keep all your domains hosted in one place because it is very convenient when you ever want to do anything to them.

Bluehost comes with 12 24 and 36 month payment plans. Obviously the longer the deal, the cheaper it gets.

Generally we would always suggest you to buy the 36 month plan as you get the cheapest price and you will have no reason to leave once you have picked a great hosting provider that you are happy with.

But if you’re not happy then Bluehost has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get a full refund.

We also want to let you know if you get this free domain name from Bluehost, they will still charge you for that part as the domain name cannot be refunded. So just be careful with that.

Right away from their home page, their dashboard looks very easy to navigate with the custom interface, compared to the cpanel that most other hosting providers use.

We believe navigating through the Bluehost dashboard is very simple. If you need to contact support just click on the question mark and it will take you to the help page.

But if you need to do something technical, you can still click on advanced and it will take you to the Cpanel which is very handy.

If you want to create your email address, you think you’d click on email and it offers, but this takes you to a paid option where they give you the option to upgrade and we think this is very sneaky and not good business practice.

Whereas you can always get a free email address by going to Advanced and then type in email, click on email accounts, click on create and enter your username, password and click on Create.

So the next thing we will discuss is how easy or hard it is to install your WordPress site.

So to do this you just click on My Sites, and you can add a new site there or just go there and click Delete Site and i’ll reinstall the site for you step by step.

You can see your WordPress website was successfully installed that literally will take two or three clicks.

So we would say that is a very easy process overall.

The setup and ease of use is really simple to install your wordpress site and having the option to access the cpanel to do more technical tasks is also very handy.

Speed And Uptime Performance was tested using GT metrics. The result was 1.5 seconds.

This is not the fastest load speed, but it’s not the worst either.

We think this speed is acceptable as if you optimize the website there’s still some potential.

Now we should also monitor the stability performance of Bluehost with uptime robot and can report that their uptime for the last 30 days was a perfect 100, that’s right zero minutes of downtime.


Bluehost 24*7 customer service team comes highly rated by so many people.

As a complete newbie and having no idea how to do this for the first question, they were willing to help straight away and scanned the website for us to check for the virus.

However they were not able to remove any virus for us.

This is not ideal but at least they can final the virus for you and you just have to go to the files individually and remove it yourself.

Overall we would say their support was great. Their support team is friendly and willing to help to a certain extent and they have one of the best response time even during their peak hours.

Cons Of Bluehost

Let us first start off with the cons.

Their website speed is fairly slow compared to other hosting providers.

In the same budget category at 3.4 seconds load speed it’s just too slow to be viable especially when its best competitors are loading pages almost twice as fast as this.

The second con is, they only have one server location which is in the United States.

So for anyone with their main source of traffic coming from somewhere else, the website speed will be slower and so may not be suitable for you.

Bluehost being part of the Endurance International Group, which is a global
conglomerate that buy up web hosting companies and strip down the staff and features, to make their business more profitable while the customers suffer.

So if you know about Bluehost, you’d know there’s always two sides – one side is just promoting Bluehost at all costs because Bluehost pays them a good commission, whereas the other side people who care about their customers will not promote bluehost.

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Pros Of Bluehost

The first pro that stands out is Bluehost’s perfect 100 uptime.

Even though they are not a fast hosting provider, at least they make up for it a bit.

If your sight is always down, the second big pro is their intuitive back end system which is much easier to navigate and use than cpanel but they also have that option for you if you require.

This may not be a big deal for someone who has been building websites for a while but it’s a big plus for beginners just starting out.

The next pro is their customer support. They are one of the best ones out there in terms of response time.

They are fairly helpful and are proactive and willing to help also but with limitations on some features they can offer.

They also have a very intuitive user interface. So this is why Bluehost is not a bad choice for beginners looking to build small websites with low traffic volume.

If you’re expecting to have more visitors or you have been building websites for a while there are much better options out there for you in a similar price range that is a lot faster.


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