July 11, 2021

Grammarly.com : Everything You Ever Wanted To Get Corrected Automatically

Grammarly was launched in 2009 as a multinational tech company by developing a digital writing tool to check grammar wordiness and tone as you write.

In order to make your work more clear and effective when you’re worrying, you should use Grammarly.

The Grammarly editor can be used to write on the web and customize that type of writing along with the suggestions that you see.

Grammarly Browser Extensions

Whether you use Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you can download the latest version of Grammarly. As an extension it will assist you while you type on Google documents, Medium or Twitter and everywhere else on the browser.

Grammarly for Ms Office

For suggestions when writing in MS Word or Outlook, use the MS Office version of Grammarly. You can use it for desktop if you don’t prefer to access Grammarly through a browser. You can just download a desktop version and use it on the Mac as well as Windows as Grammarly keyboard.

You can also download a Grammarly keyboard on your phone from the app store or the play store. It is for android and you can set it as the default keyboard.

Grammarly For ipad

Grammarly app for the ipad optimizes the Grammarly keyboard specifically for tablet users and it can be downloaded from the app store.

Grammarly Review: Free versus Paid Version

Grammarly Free uses AI enhanced grammar spelling and punctuation checker with the browser and MS Word integration to check the most popular mistakes like confusing word or unnecessary punctuations.

Since it uses AI, it can perform way better than a normal human spell checker. It can be used by one person only and is also available in the mobile version.

The pros of Grammarly are the constant grammar and spelling checks and, encrypted data is better than a human spell checker. It’s easy to use and it is compatible with most of your devices. It supports American, British, Canadian and Australian English which is amazing.

But the cons of Grammarly free version are – Only basic feedback on grammar and spellings. There is lack of plagiarism detection. The advanced formatting is not supported and also the few minor errors related to the detection of tone or sentence checks.

In the Premium version, you can access readability, vocabulary enhancement, suggestions and the genre-specific writing checks. It also has an amazing plagiarism detector.

Grammarly Premium version could be a lifesaver for people who need to write professionally, to speed up their publishing process and reduce the cost of editors and overall better writing.

The cons are that it has a repetitive suggestions which is not so bad if you think about it. You can get Grammarly Premium for $139.95 which is billed annually.

How to know which one is right for you? Now that you have adequate knowledge of features, pros and cons of each of the versions;  let me help you in deciding which one will be the best for you.

The best way would be to ask yourself the following questions:  number one: what is your current standing?
If you are a writer or a professional copywriter or a student whose current position demands a lot of written work and if you think that this would benefit you, it would be wise to think about using Grammarly Premium.

However, if your work is just basic and you need to be sure that the English is proper by not being bothered too much by the technicalities, you can go ahead and use the free version.

Number two: How strong are your current writing and grammar skills?

 If you are a native and a fluent speaker of English then go ahead and use the free version. If you have weak writing and grammar skills, well then you need to go and use the premium version because your school and your work or professional writing, whatever you’re doing, requires a lot of accuracy. Definitely you need to spend some money on that.  

Once you have answered the above questions for yourself you’d have a more clear idea of whether Grammarly premium is worth the price tag that it comes with according to your specific needs.

This review is only giving information on the basis of facts and personal usage. Other users may have different needs and objectives. So guys do share your views on Grammarly with us in the comments below.


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