July 11, 2021

Hostgator : The Best WordPress Hosting Solution With Free Domain & SSL

If you’re looking for the best WordPress website hosting solution that comes with a free domain name and free secure key to surprisingly low price, then you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Web Hosting?
The web hosting is where your website lives and that’s going to cost you three to ten dollars a month. With your web hosting you get a free domain of around $15 as well as an SSL key which makes your web pages secure and that has a value of about 99 dollars.

How To Find The Best Web Hosting Company?
Web hosting solutions in the matrix of hundreds of choices can be frustrating. You have to understand that nearly all web hosting review sites make sure that the web hosting company they are affiliated with always get the best review. So basically that web hosting company is number one to them because they get paid if you decide to use that company.

We have been hosting websites for over 30 years with the first five years being me supplying my own hosting I’ve used at least 10 of the hosting companies shown here either personally or for my clients obviously. Not all web hosting companies are created equal and there are only a few that stand out from the rest.

But how do you explore the best web hosting provider with all the fake reviews out there as puzzling as this might sound.

Hostgator is definitely the best web hosting solution. Obvious next question is why is Hostgator the best choice? Well some research to find some authentic web hosting reviews, shows some results from PC Magazine. You have to understand that PC Magazine has been around for nearly 40 years providing essential technology information to the end user.

They determined the best web hosting companies among the top six web hosting companies for this year with Hostgator being number one. It turns out to be the Hostgator that has been rated the number one web hosting provider by PC Magazine for many years.

  • Hostgator collectively has the features you need :
  • Server reliability is amazing.
  • 24/7 support is amazing.
  • Prices are good or better than others.

Hostgator is going to offer you a free domain name provided you sign up for one of their annual plans, and it is actually the most affordable choice for you. You can just click a link and it’ll install everything for you. They also come with unmetered bandwidth which means you don’t pay for the traffic that comes to your website no matter how small or large that might be.

And finally they also come with a free SSL certificate which typically costs around 99 dollars a year. At this point you can decide which one of the plans is best for your purpose.
The Hatchling Plan is recommended if you have one domain or the Baby Plan if you plan on building multiple web sites and then if later you find you need additional features, you can just upgrade to the Business Plan and pay the difference.

If you chose the hatchling plan with single domain, you should look at their billing cycle. If you purchase for one month, it’s five dollars and forty eight cent. But it’s only for the first month and then the price goes up if you go all the way up to thirty six months. It is going to be two dollars and seventy one cent and means 61% percent off. Now to get the free domain you’re going to pick 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

The SSL certificate is free, so you don’t need to pay for that. It protects us from hackers. They’re going to give you protection whether you ask for it or not so there’s no reason to pay for this additional thing. They will protect their servers from both the internet and from you. That is why they stay on top of this.
Next you don’t need to pay for an email fory our domain name. You can make an email forward for your domain at no cost at all.

Next you will think for a backup service. Where to do daily backups? They do monthly backups for you
You should also remember this comes with a 45 day money back guarantee in case you change your mind, now all you need to do is agree to their terms and choose checkout now.

When your payment is complete, Hostgator gets your account ready for you. Then your hosting account is complete and you’re ready to access your hosting account. Next just proceed your email account and look for an email from Hostgator that has your account information. If you purchase a domain name while setting up your Hostgator account, then the next piece of information will not apply to you.

But if you already owned your domain name and didn’t purchase one with this process, you’re going to need to get your domain name to point to your hosting area. To do that you need to point your domain name to the name servers for Hostgator.

For instance, if all of your domain names live at Godaddy.com, you needed to go into the DNS at your GoDaddy account and point that domain to the Hostgator name servers. It should be a similar process with any other domain registration company where they can give you further assistance to log into your hosting account.


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