July 17, 2021

How To Find The Most Profitable Blog Niches in 2022

One of the best ways to make money online, or build a business online and work from home is – simply blogging or creating a blog website.

But a lot of people struggle when they want to find the most profitable blog niches. They don’t know what topics to write about, they don’t know how to find the specific niche of their blog.

There are several questions when you intend to start a blog, or you wish to build an online business.

You are just struggling to select the niche of your blog. Then you begin to think how to select the niche?

What Is A Niche?

Niche is not only the topic that you are going to write about, but also it is the way you are going to engage with your audience.

It reflects how you will position yourself as the expert in that field.

It simply shows how you are going to share your experience, or whatever you want to share with your audience.

“The niche of the blog is the topic you select; and how you deliver it and engage with it with your audience.”

Pick A Specific Niche In The Beginning

So number one rule that you have to know that when you start with your blog, you have to pick a specific niche.

We call it a micro niche. You have to start with something really so specific why?

This will help you mainly in two things: number one, to rank higher on Google.

When you create a list of articles that are connected together, talking about the same concept talking about the same keywords, this will help you rank higher on Google and get more organic traffic for free from Google.

Number two : when you write about a micro niche or a specific niche, you will target a specific audience and this is really very important.

So when someone opens your blog and you are writing about a certain topic, he or she will tell other people as an example.

“So this is number one rule when you start. You have to pick a micro niche, a specific niche and target a specific audience.”

Expand Your Niche Later

Now the next rule that you have to know is that you are not obliged to stick with one niche for years, for your entire life of course.

Select a niche, a specific niche you are going to target a specific audience then later on you can expand and evolve your topics and expand your reach.

Make Money Niche

Now let’s talk about some popular niches that you can start with.

Number one money related topics like personal finance, making money online, how to make money online, how to build online business and so on.

Cooking Niche

May be another topic is cooking but cooking is somehow broad so you need to go somehow specific as an example, talk about gluten-free food or maybe healthy food or children food and so on.

Sports Niche 

Another topic is simply sports, climbing, hiking biking, football, soccer, basketball – we have a lot of topics here.

Self-Help Niche

Another niche is self-help – like self-help book summaries blog which talk about memory improvement and memory training.

Some psychology related topics maybe talking about healthy food to build a healthy body.

Another niche is parenting, teaching and home schooling etc. We have a lot of topics a lot of niches that we can start with.

What To Do After Picking A Niche?

So what you are going to do now is to pick a niche but please focus very well whenever you want to pick a niche there is two factors, two things that you have to consider.

If you can combine them together you will be successful. Number one is that you have the skill to write about that niche, number two is to be interested in that niche.

“So if you can combine both things together, the skill and interest in one niche, you will be successful.”

Now it’s not obligatory to be interested in the niche but it’s better.

May be you have the passion to learn about it, it’s okay! you can learn about it, you can share what you are learning.

You can document it in your blog, what you are learning as a beginner. Or you can share how you are learning a certain skill.

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Give some time for imagination and try to find some specific niches to write about in a certain topic.

Now let’s say you picked up a topic as an example ‘cooking’ or ‘healthy food’. Then how to do some content research to find topics.

How To Research About Your Niche?

You can simply do this – open your browser, as an example, we want to write about ‘healthy snacks’, so you search on Google for ‘healthy snacks’.

You will find some blog or the articles there. Copy the URL and go to a website called Buzzsumo.com.

You don’t need to sign up, you can use it for free. Just paste the url there and click on ‘Find Content’, and then it will show you a list of popular articles written on that blog.

You can see the popularity and all the topics related to ‘healthy snacks’ or to that blog, which is your competitor or that will be your competitor or you will be its competitor and you can take some ideas for your upcoming blog articles there.

You don’t have to be an expert in your field to start a blog. Even if you are a beginner, you can still share your experience, share your mistakes, your failures in your blog because the failure is simply the way, the path to success.

A lot of people love to read about failures. So they can avoid and save some time when they are doing something.

All these are content ideas, we think this is enough for you to select a niche for your blog.

To conclude, just see what you are interested in, see what are your skills and what you like to write about.

Select a niche, do some research on Buzzsumo, on Google and find some other content ideas.

Start writing them down and launch your blog.

Don’t just wait and wait and wait. Just go and start. You will be successful, just have some patience and you will be successful.

In this way build a strong business, a strong blogging business online working from the comfort of your home.


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