December 3, 2021

How To Get Content Ideas For Blog Posts

One of the main problems that most of the new website owners and bloggers face is – finding content ideas for their blog.

When we wish to publish a new blog post, we simply need content ideas for that blog post.

How To Get Content Ideas Easily

So let’s see how we can get some content ideas to fill our website with.

The easiest method that everyone must do is to go to Google and simply write the niche or the topic of your website.

Google Your Topic

Now Google will show you the top websites or services about your query.

Then open those websites and there in the resource section, you will see they have a blog.

Go ahead and click on ‘View All’.Go to their main website to see if they have a blog or not; and simply start scanning those websites and see what they are talking about.

Get Content Ideas From Quora

Quora is one of the best places not only to get traffic, it’s a place where you can get content ideas too.

If you go to Quora you will see what people are asking and talking about.

All these are content ideas you can collect and write articles and create content around in your website.

Go To Reddit For Content Ideas

Then we have You can search Reddit for Subreddits or keywords. Let’s say your niche is about ‘healthy food’, you would say ‘healthy food’ there and you will see a lot of posts what people are asking, what people are talking about.

Reddit also is a great place to find content ideas as well as traffic for your website.

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Find A Forum Or Discussion Board

You can also find a forum or a discussion board where people talk about your niche. If your niche is about bodybuilding. You can see there are a lot of forums there talking about bodybuilding.

You will see a lot of topics and ideas what people are talking about a lot of things there in the forum.

So you can adopt all these methods to find the trending topics for your blog. You can get some quick ideas for your blog posts in the beginning of your online journey.



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