July 17, 2022

Oppo Reno 8 Pro Specifications

It is the latest OPPO Reno 8 Pro and today we have to talk in detail about this phone.

What’s new in this phone? By the way, everything is excellent on this phone.
which is the standard according to this price

120Hz AMOLED Display

Latest CPU

Which comes on 4nm and 5nm base

and lots of RAM


All those things are cool.

Its camera is also good

Here is the latest sensor of 50 megapixels.

But here, the MariSilicon X Chip has been used for the first time, which is OPPO’s custom design chip.

It is not that something new has been done for the first time.

Many other companies are also doing the same.

Like if you see Google Tensor,

Apple has its bionic chip.

Google pixel has a visual core.

These chipsets are designed specifically to make the phone perform extraordinary tasks.

But this time, the dedicated chip has been made here.

MariSilicon X is for some specific purpose.

For example if you want to take a great shot in low light, surprisingly, you would like the picture of this phone more than other phones.

With this phone, you can also make a 4K night video.

By doing this, your phone’s noise will be reduced slightly.

It is not that it only works in low light.

There is sunlight falling on my face too.

If you go in the opposite direction that means If you stand on that side, the sun will be behind you.

Then in that situation, you must have seen that many phones do not work.

if you take a shot like this from here

because the backside is very bright

So you can get better HDR through this MariSilicon X.

All those things we have to test today

the rest.

Have you seen the design of the phone?

This design started with OPPO Find X.

There is no exclusive separate camera bump over here.

It is attached to the back panel itself.


You have also seen such a design in budget phones.

You can see its back panel.

It is not a colour-changing back panel.

which we saw in Reno 6 and Reno 7

Especially in Reno 6, more colour changes were happening.

If you will see straight at a glance so generally, it remains blue.

But as soon as there is a little sunlight on it.

then you will see

It becomes a bit pink or orange type.

right side, here is the button

where again

The same we have seen in Realme.

there was a golden button

Here now, the green accented button is available.

on the opposite

Here you get volume buttons.

which is in design like iPhone

in the bottom

Here you will not get any headphone jack anymore.

is just speaker


dual Sim card

of course

USB Type C

on the top

noise cancellation mic

by the way

you can stand this phone like this

I think this design started from Reno 6.

Flat frame

This design debuted at the time of the iPhone 12.

You can consider this mobile case to be 100 rupees, not 50.

I am adding 50 rupees separately.

Because in Reno’s mobile case, you get Reno written.

So the design of this phone is not very comfortable.

the phone is a bit big

has a display of almost 6.67 inches


not the smallest

And this phone is a bit on the heavy side.

It will give you a sharper feeling.

I do not find this phone very convenient to hold.


Curved phones look better for long-term use.

But you will not feel that thing after applying a mobile case.

Because those sharp edges get removed

We’ll test the highlighting feature later.

but as a general package, how is this camera

first about the camera application

You’ve also seen this in OnePlus.

It’s the same in Realme too.

It’s the same in OPPO too.

There’s a Sony IMX766 sensor here.

which is a very good sensor

you have seen this sensor before

By the way, as much as we have seen about this sensor before

photos are coming good

not bad

you can see

All the details, dynamic range, everything is quite perfect.

is ok

let’s take a 50 Megapixel sample

If here we do 50-megapixel mode on

then it goes into 4:3

you know

I like 16:9


Still, many people are running the phone with the old display.

And this 4:3 crops the screen a little bit.

There is one more important difference that I would like to point out.

I think

Which is an overall image processing

Like capturing photos, clicking and saving

that is quite superb

Here you get the same performance as iPhone 11.

Even, In the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t get you like that.

And so far, I haven’t seen image processing written anywhere even once.


that thing is already processed

with the help of MariSilicon X


There are getting very sharp and great details.

the situation you are seeing now

it is like that

you can see on the right side that


AI Mode

By turning it on, you can see that there is a direct light source behind

where I stand

that means


And the left side, which you are seeing, has AI Mode on

So you will distinguish a little how much difference is coming.

We will also test how good the stabilization is in videos.

There is no OIS given here.

You can call it a bit sad part.


huge compromise

Now you get OIS even in 25K phone.

You have seen Realme 9 Pro+.

Moto G82

I have turned off AI mode now.

Let’s see how quality comes here.

as usual

The quality is coming fine because this sensor is excellent.

The details in the shadows are also good.

I can easily see the details in the middle of the trees.

Colours are also coming mostly natural as they should be.


Super impressive details are coming.

look in the front

the peacock is going

if we zoom in on it

here it is




because there is no telescope or optical zoom feature here

just digital zoom

not super great quality

And here’s a 32-megapixel selfie

is crazy selfie

You know that OPPO and Vivo phones are great for selfies.

Let’s do a low-light sample test, guys.

Here’s a look at how effective MariSilicon X is in the video.

In the detail you see now, AI Mode is off.

You can see that there is a little more darkness in the leaves.

On the net, you can see that the colours were falling more.

Here the white colour of the net has been missed.

As soon as AI Mode is on

You can see that the details of the leaves have become fine.

On the net, the colour decreased a bit and the brightness increased.


When the AI Mode is enabled, MariSilicon X increases the OIC level slightly.

The noise didn’t end as much, but the details increased.

So, in summary, you can say that there is a difference of 10% to 15%

I would not say that super groundbreaking changes have come.

but yes

There’s a slight difference here.

max to max

15% to 20%

not more than that

it was the story of videos

But the photos make a difference here.

for a comparison

You can watch side-by-side.

I have taken Galaxy S22 Ultra.

took photograph without night mode on

After that, I used the night mode to take the photograph.

So clearly, you can see that there is a difference.


Even by turning on AI Mode, excellent quality is coming here.

So MariSilicon X is very effective in terms of photos here.

But I didn’t notice any difference in the videos.

Maybe MariSilicon X may not be as effective in the situation where I made the video.

So I have to test a little outdoors.

wait for the full camera review

I mean

Full Review

I’ll tell you everything over there.

but yes

There’s a little bit of effectiveness here.

The display is also very excellent.

Generally, you must have noticed that OPPO’s phones do not give much refresh rate in the budget.

But this time here is 120Hz.

it’s a very cool display

not Curved display

a bit, it’s a flat display

You can say that its display is almost like the OnePlus 10R.

You will love to use its display.


There is also support for HDR 10+ here.

Let’s talk about the performance.

You have also seen before that this CPU is very excellent to use.

And I didn’t have any problem using it.

camera-centric performance, you have already seen

There is not much load on the CPU here.

with MariSilicon X

the performance is excellent

Let me show you the BGMI score.

You can play on maximum HDR graphics.


Ultra Frame rate

Let’s do a speaker test.

Let’s see how high the speaker’s loudness is here.

there is a single bottom speaker

there is no output in front

If you make the phone stand like this, then the very minimal sound will come from here.

These things are not given much attention on OPPO’s phones.

There is no headphone jack here.

about the battery, guys

4500 mah battery is available here

in the box

You get an 80W charger.

The phone charges very quickly.

The company has claimed that in about 30 to 32 minutes, you can charge this phone 100%.

That’s why I am not showing the charging test.

I will show it to you in the full review.

because these things vary

If I use a socket or connector, it makes a lot of difference.

and about the backup

This phone lasts for only one day in my three days of use.

I have to charge this phone every morning.

Here’s a scene like this.

There is no super crazy backup here.

In heavy usage, this phone can easily last one day.

so, in summary, guys

How did you like the first impression of this phone?

Like I used this phone for three to four days.

The design and look of this phone are good.

You will not get a complaint about this thing on OPPO’s phone.


not a new design

You have seen OPPO Find X.

in Realme

I mean

not Realme

You have seen it in OnePlus Nord CE2.

so the design is ok

nice phone

is a bit solidly built phone

The display of this phone is good.

did not find any such cons

You get a similar display at this price.


1000 nits

and HDR 10+

All these things are available.

The performance of this phone is also ok.

CPU is good

there is a slight limitation


compare to Snapdragon




where you can play the game in Ultra Hd also


There is a slight limitation of this thing here.

I did not find any heating issue over here.

I can guarantee this.

I have tested this phone a lot.

I did not find any heating issue on this phone.


is a one-day battery phone

If you want to run the phone expecting two days

So maybe you can’t use the phone for two days.

You have to charge this phone every morning.

I felt a little disappointed about the camera here.


This phone should have more camera-centric features at this price.

I found this point to be number one.


only the primary sensor is good

other cameras are waste

You can get the same setup on other phones for 20-22 thousand rupees.


8 Megapixel Ultrawide

2 Megapixel Macro

for instance

Here you have been given the ring LED.

Here it was possible to replace the Ring LED with a Microscopic lens.


was given in Realme GT 2 Pro

so, could have given this thing over here too

This feature is in the phone of OPPO of 20-22 thousand rupees.

why not on the fourty two thousand

It seemed to be the first cons.

second cons

no OIS

videos are not that smooth

no 4K 60fps

You can get all these things easily at this price.

not only on this price

Even in a phone of a lesser price, you will get

of thirty-five thousand rupees


9 SE

in GT Neo 3

You can also get OIS with 4K 60fps on all these phones.

this thing is missing here


MariSilicon X is a bit effective.

at least it can take better photos than my Galaxy S22 Ultra

It is effective for night photos.

I didn’t see much difference in the video.


In any other situation, if I take photographs.

Then I will have to show you, especially in full camera review.

for now


is effective


If you are buying this phone only for MariSilicon X


I don’t think it’s a good deal.

so, so far

so good, guys

Let’s wait for the OPPO Reno 8.

and the durability test

and stay tuned for the full review

and camera review

will compare with other phones too

maybe there is a difference

What are your thoughts too?




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